• Our instructor cadre is exceptional

    In addition to their military and law enforcement experience, all of our instructors must excel during a rigorous peer reviewed certification. This program stresses the ability to effectively teach complex physical actions and intellectual process.



Kent is a retired Police Sergeant and Marine. As an officer he served in patrol, gang unit, SWAT, and the training division. He retired as the SWAT team leader. Kent has an extensive background responding to critical incidents, and has developed training from his experience and analytical reviews of critical incidents faced by police. Since retiring, Kent has worked as a team leader on DoD contracts and an instructor for DoS, in addition to training corporate teams and citizens in the US.



Jeff is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He has extensive experience as a firearms instructor in the military, law enforcement and civilian communities. He is proficient with every type of small weapons system and very passionate about shooting and self defense disciplines. Jeff is a certified USMC Primary Marksmanship, NRA Basic Pistol and 360 Tactical Training Combat Pistol Certified Instructor. He holds a Texas Basic Peace Officer Commission, serving as a County Sherriff, and has previously served as a police officer in the state of Ohio. His diverse background, high level of professionalism and friendly demeanor puts students at ease and ensures their success regardless of skill level.



Houston-native, Alfonso served 8 years in the United States Navy. He served as a member of the Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) team onboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts and has extensive training in Maritime Interdiction Operations. The scope of his experience includes training in Non-Compliant Boarding & the VBSS Breacher School at Blackwater USA, among others. His deployments included two Counter Narcotic Operations where he worked alongside the US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment Teams (LEDET) in seizing more than 8 tons of illicit contraband from criminal enterprises. In addition to his military service, Alfonso spent a year as a licensed Private Investigator. As a PI, Alfonso served multiple fugitive warrants resulting in the capture of more than 250 wanted fugitives across the state of Texas. His experience in coordinating and managing team efforts throughout both his military and private career, provides him with a unique ability to work with people towards achieving a common goal. He currently works for the State of Texas as a State Trooper. In addition to bringing unmatched charisma, making the training as fun as it is informative, he is able to teach classes in both English and Spanish. His passion for teaching has made him an invaluable addition to the 360 team.



Jim served for 8 years as a Royal Marines Commando. His experience includes multiple tours of duty in various theatres of combat operations. Jim has also worked closely with the UK Special Forces and Australian Special Operations Task Group to achieve joint task force goals. Additionally, his status as a Class 1 Armorer with the Royal Marines brings an even greater depth of firearms knowledge to the 360 instructor team. He has various firearms instruction experience ranging from the Royal Marines to Iraqi Marines, Afghan Special Forces, and Afghan Army. He is trained to operate in arctic, desert, mountain, urban, and jungle warfare environments and is a fully qualified maritime security operator.
Jim's experience, professionalism, and character lend great credence to himself and the 360 instructor cadre. This combined with his passion for training make him an incredible addition to the 360 team.

His recent achievements include:

  • 360 Combat Pistol Instructor Certification
  • Action Target Range Master Course
  • Action Target Live Fire Shoothouse Instructor
  • Sig Sauer Academy Executive Protection Operations Course
  • Sig Sauer Academy Active Shooter Response Instructor Course



Lisandro has extensive experience in military special operations and civilian security and facilities management. Lisandro’s nine plus year military career as a Venezuelan naval officer included seven years in special operations and two in Marine Infantry. His US military training includes completion of US Navy Seal Training (BUDS class 206), USMC Basic Officer Course, and USMC Infantry Officer Course.

HIs accomplishments in the Venezuelan military include Special Operations course / Navy Special Operations Command, Counter-Insurgency / Army Special Operations School, Military Free-fall / Army Airborne Brigade, Marine Infantry / Navy Post-graduate School.

Lisandro holds a postgraduate degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in Naval Sciences. His civilian career includes positions as Security Manager and Security and Facilities Manager with two multinational telecommunications companies. His continuing education includes courses in security management in addition to security and intelligence with International Security and Defense Systems, Israel.

Lisandro's broad special operations and private security experience further strengthen our instructor cadres depth and add greater perspective to our civilian, law enforcement and private security training programs. You can expect to see Lisandro teaching all levels of civilian, private security and law enforcement classes. Lisandro is bilingual (English / Spanish).

His recent achievements include:

  • 360 Tactical Training: 360 Combat Pistol Instructor Certification
  • Sig Sauer Training Academy: Active Shooter Response Instructor Certification
  • Sig Sauer Training Academy: Shotgun Instructor Certification
  • Impact Training Center: Team Entry Tactics Certification


“A Safe Place To Shoot”

I had mentioned to Jeff that I had a bad experience once before with one of the staff the first time my wife and I came to shoot, and even had some botched scheduling for this class; but I feel confident that your facility really does care about their clients and I am glad I came back for this class, it was well worth the wait. I really enjoyed learning more about my AR and Jeff made the experience a very positive one for me. I am thrilled that you now offer these classes on Saturday and I looking forward to taking another class soon.

I really like the shooting center; the tactical training you offer and the current staff are all great to work with. Both Lisandro and Jonathan were also very helpful and I appreciated the friendly service I received from them as well.

Thanks for providing a fun and safe place to learn and shoot.

— Steve McDonald

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