Ladies Fundamentals
of Defensive Pistol

  • 4 HOURS
    300 ROUNDS

  • Jumpstart Your Training!

    Enjoy your time at the range, make new friends and learn to how to shoot with confidence and skill. Our instructors are professionals dedicated to helping their students understand the realities of defensive shooting. All our classes are taught in an un-intimidating and professional setting using proven real world methods.


Class Cost + Range Fees = $180

SW 9mm MP Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$108.25)

Glock 9MM Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$108.25)

Eye Protection (+$0.00)

Ear Protection (+$0.00)

We have a discounted rate for ammo. To receive a quote for ammo, please email

Class Description

Would you like to move beyond your introductory training in a female only environment? This class is designed to build confidence in your safe gun handling and defensive shooting skills in a safe and friendly environment for women. If you are ready to take the next step toward becoming more effective with your firearm this is the class for you.

Topics covered include: safety, the body’s natural reaction to a fight, the balance of speed and accuracy, drawing from the holster, emergency reloads, and much more. While this course contains some classroom time, the majority of the course will be spent on the range shooting dynamic reality based drills. This course will greatly improve your confidence and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones with a handgun. 


300 rounds of Brass, FMJ

Class Requirements

Recommended: Ladies Introduction to Defensive Pistol or comparable Pistol course

Class Length

4 hours

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant you are not permitted to take this class.
  • Class Begins at 8:30AM at the Impactzone Range.
  • We have adjusted the required ammunition for this class due to current market conditions.

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