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    Our classes are held at Impactzone Range in Houston, Texas. View the list of classes to see where your class will be held. If you have questions please call us at 713.492.2771.

Currently, all classes are being held at the Impactzone Range in Hempstead.

Directons to Impactzone

Impactzone Range
10878 Kerr Rd
Hempstead, TX 77445

Open Enrollment Classes are currently taught on Saturdays & Sundays only.

Students are required to purchase their class prior to arrival.   View our Course Calendar 

Course / Start Time
Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol/ 8:30AM
Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine/ 1:30PM
Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun/ 1:30PM
Pistol I & II/ 8:30AM
Carbine I & II/ 8:30AM
Shotgun I & II/ 8:30AM
AK I/ 8:30AM
Civilian Response to Active Shooter/ 8:30AM
Close Quarters Carbine/8:30AM
Guns & Vehicles/ 8:30AM
Advanced Pistol Handling/ 8:30AM
Advanced Carbine/ 8:30AM
Home Defense Tactics/8:30AM
Concealed Carry Tactics/8:30AM