• Understanding the use of the Tactical Shotgun

    Take your first step in learning the capabilities of the shotgun as defensive tool. Expand your knowledge and learn the skills you need to protect your family.

If you are interested in becoming proficient with your Shotgun; the Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun course is the first step in learning the capabilities of the Shotgun as defensive tool. Use this class an opportunity to learn something new to enhance what you already know.

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Being tactical is more than just having the right tools it’s having the knowledge of how and when to use them. By combing years of experience of our instructors have created full day course to teach you how to respond and manage your body’s natural reaction to fight while using a shotgun.

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We will push your mind and stress your body to expose your personal capabilities and limitations; be ready to improve your proficiency and to practice the skills needed to use your shotgun for defensive use. Take this class for more time with the instructor.

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