Ladies Only


  • Learn to how to shoot with confidence and skill.

    Our instructors are dedicated to helping their students understand the realities of defensive shooting. All our classes are taught in an undiscriminating and professional setting using proven real world methods.

We specialize in the first time shooter, if you are interested in learning more about how to use a firearm; this is the place to start!  This course will also help prepare you for the marksmanship portion of the Texas CHL test. Join us every other Monday at 6:00PM at Memorial Shooting Center.

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Would you like to move beyond your introductory training in a female only environment? This class is designed to build confidence in your safe gun handling and defensive shooting skills in a safe and friendly environment for women.

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This private ladies only course teaches the defensive use of pepper spray. Students will experience deploying inert pepper spray during real world scenarios.

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360 Tactical Training instructors have designed a class to help women recognize the signs of a pending assault, learn who assaults women and introduce techniques used to survive an attack. Men may not attend this course.

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