Low Light Pistol

    300 ROUNDS

  • Under the cover of Darkness

    This couse will introduce you to various target identification and sighting techniques under stressful situations of limited visibility.


Class Cost + Range Fees = $289

We have a discounted rate for ammo. To receive a quote for ammo, please email info@360tacticaltraining.com

Class Description

A large majority of home invasions, robberies, or assaults occur at night. In a situation like this, your ability to respond in a controlled and efficient manner will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. During this one-day course you will be introduced to fighting with a gun in low to no light where we will instruct you on proper search techniques in an actual home environment. You will have the opportunity to experience a home invasion scenario where you’ll be the one making the decisions in the dark.

Topics covered will include Proper Flashlight Use, Implementation Of A Handgun With A Flashlight Or Weapon Mounted Light, Realities Of A Fight, Target Recognition and much more.


300 rounds of Brass, FMJ

Class Requirements

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol or comparable Pistol course

Recommended: 360 Defensive Pistol II or comparable Pistol course

Class Length

1 day

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant you are not permitted to take this class.
  • Class Begins at 8:30AM at Down-Range
  • We have adjusted the required ammunition for this class due to current market conditions.

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