Guns and Vehicles

    300 ROUNDS

  • 360 Degrees of Shooting in and around your vechicle

    This intense one-day course gives students a realistic understanding of shooting from, into and around vehicles while debunking many widely held beliefs.


Class Cost + Range Fees = $399

SW 9mm MP Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$100.00)

Glock 9MM Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$100.00)

Eye Protection (+$0.00)

Ear Protection (+$0.00)

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Class Description

The average American spends 38 hours a year sitting in traffic, the average Houstonian spends nearly 50 hours per year commuting. It is extremely important that when we decide to drive with our weapons that we understand the realities involved.  You will leave with a much greater understanding of the effective deployment and use of your handgun during a dynamic critical incident occurring in, or around a vehicle.

Topics covered will include The Use of Vehicles as Cover, Shooting 360 Degrees From The Vehicle, The Effects Of Vehicle Glass On Ballistic Performance, Shooting In And Through Vehicles, Effects Of Bullets on Vehicle Components, Round Skipping and much more. Students will experience deploying and firing their pistol from the vehicle during shooting drills as well as shooting into the vehicle.


300 rounds of pistol ammo

Class Requirements

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol or comparable Pistol course

Recommended: 360 Defensive Pistol II or comparable Pistol course

Class Length

1 day

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant you are not permitted to take this class.
  • Class Begins at 8:30AM at Down-Range.
  • We have adjusted the required ammunition for this class due to current market conditions.

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