Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine

  • 4 HOURS
    250 -350 ROUNDS

  • An Easy to Understand Apporoach To Learning Your AR

    This course is perfect for beginners or for someone that has experience with the AR-15 platform and is interested in enhancing their abilities.


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Class Description

If you are interested in becoming proficient with your AR-15 platform; the Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine course is the first step in learning the capabilities of the carbine as defensive tool.  Use this class an opportunity to learn something new or to enhance what you already know.

Topics covered include Safety, Carbine Platform Overview, Grip, Stance, Realities of a fight, Sight alignment/sight picture, Threat focused shooting, Emergency reloads, Malfunctions, and much more.

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250 to 350 rounds of Carbine

Class Requirements

Recommended: Introduction to Carbine Operator

Class Length

4 hours

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant you are not permitted to take this class.
  • Class Begins at 1:30PM at Impactzone, 10878 Kerr Rd, Hempstead, TX 77445

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