360 Shotgun Operator II

    350 BIRD SHOT
    25 00 BUCK
    25 SLUG
    200 PISTOL

  • Reality Based Training for the Urban Environment

    The shotguns powerful defensive tool designed to deliver a massive amount of force. Expand your knowledge and learn the skills you need to protect your family.


Class Cost + Range Fees = $389

SW 9mm MP Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$100.00)

Glock 9MM Pistol Rental: Includes pistol, ammunition, holster, mag pouch, mags and tax (+$100.00)

Send me a quote for shotgun rental and ammunition. (+$0.00)

Eye Protection (+$0.00)

Ear Protection (+$0.00)

We have a discounted rate for ammo. To receive a quote for ammo, please email info@360tacticaltraining.com

Class Description

Being tactical is more than just having the right tools it’s having the knowledge of how and when to use them. By combing years of professional training and operational experience our instructors have created a comprehensive a two-day course to teach you how to respond and manage your body’s natural reaction to fight while using a shotgun. We will push your mind and stress your body to expose your personal capabilities and limitations; be ready to improve your proficiency and to practice the skills needed to use your shotgun for defensive use. Take this class for in-depth coverage on principles and more time with the instructor.

Topics include safety, grip, stance, the body’s natural reactions to a fight, loading and unloading, emergency reloading, ammunition selection, malfunction clearing, equipment placement, precision and threat focused shooting, the balance of speed and accuracy, use of cover and concealment, multiple shooting positions, multiple targets, weapon transitions and much more.


300 rounds of Bird Shot

150 rounds of 00 Buck

30 rounds of Slug

200 rounds of Pistol

Class Requirements

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol or comparable Pistol course

Class Length

2 days

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant, you are not permitted to take this course.
  • Class Begins at 8:30AM at Down-Range.
  • We have adjusted the required ammunition for this class due to current market conditions.

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