360 Carbine Operator I

    400 - 500 ROUNDS

  • A dynamic day of challenging drills and skill building exercises

    360 instructors will introduce you to proven weapons handling techniques, that work with your body’s natural reaction to the stresses encountered during a fight for one’s life.


Class Cost + Range Fees = $225

LWRCI Rifle Rental: Includes rifle, ammunition, 4 AR mags and tax (+$270.00)

Load Bearing Vest (price includes tax) (+$21.65)

Eye Protection (+$0.00)

Ear Protection (+$0.00)

We have a discounted rate for ammo. To receive a quote for ammo, please email info@360tacticaltraining.com

Class Description

Shooters will experience an intense day of shooting drills and scenario training. Each drill is designed to build upon the fundamentals of shooting to improve speed, form and efficacy. Scenario training and dynamic exercises will include moving and shooting, changing positions, and malfunctions to help students with reaction time, coordination and critical thinking.

Topics covered will include Safety, Grip, Stance, Loading / Unloading, Zeroing, Muzzle Sight, Volume of Fire, The Balance of Speed and Accuracy, The Body’s Natural Reactions to a Fight, Lateral Movement, Shooting on the Move, Malfunction Drills, Strong and Weak Hand Manipulation, Use of Cover / Concealment and much more.


400 to 500 rounds of Carbine

Class Requirements

No Prerequisite Needed

Class Length

1 day

Class PDFs and Information Sheets


  • If you are pregnant, you are not permitted to take this course.
  • Class Begins at 8:30AM at Impactzone, 10878 Kerr Rd, Hempstead, TX 77445
  • We have adjusted the required ammunition for this class due to current market conditions.

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