• Our instructor training never ends

    360 instructors regularly seek out continued training from firearms academies around the country. We strongly believe in the evolution of training. If the tactics do not work, find a better way; if there is a better way, learn it.

“My stepdad and I had a blast and it was very informative!”

Great class! My stepdad and I had a blast and it was very informative. We have a lot of pistol experience already but this class [Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol] still provided great info. The instructor was patient and detailed. He never made anyone feel stupid or uncomfortable for asking questions or doing something improperly. He encouraged us all to ask as many questions as we wanted. I would recommend this class to others. We plan on taking more classes next month.

— Thomas

“Guns and Vehicles Class”

Both Jeff and Patrick did an amazing job again teaching this class. They were very thorough and answered any questions that we had. We had a smaller class which worked out better since we were able to get more repetitions in. The class was very informative regarding the effects a vehicle has on different types of rounds. It was also an eye opener when you’re sitting inside the vehicle working on drawing your firearm and shooting in different positions. This really hits home when you imagine your family being in the vehicle with you as well. Overall it was an outstanding class and were able to get lots of shooting in. I would easily retake this class again in the future.

— Nick

“Great dynamic drills that you simply can not do elsewhere!”

This class (Tactical Thursday) was the perfect follow to the fundamentals class I took the weekend before. Excellent evening. Instructor ran some great dynamic drills that you simply can not do elsewhere.  Serious tactics, but fun too. Especially like the advice on how to handle self and scene during and after a self defense shooting - hearing it from a policeman’s view point was invaluable.

— M.S

“Ladies Introduction to Defensive Pistol”

I really enjoyed the instructor’s approach to teaching the class. He did a great job at making me feel comfortable and less intimidated about handling a gun. I would definitely take another class that he teaches.

— Marisa

“Extremely credible, clear & structured…”

Great set of classes. Extremely credible, clear & structured in instruction, and patient.

— Ed

“As usual, great instruction!”

Took the fundamentals course about 8 months ago and two more classes shortly after that. Swamped at work for the last several months and decided to take the class once more.  As usual, great instruction from Alfonso! Highly recommend the class to anyone getting started in pistol and carbine or as a refresher course to get out and put “rounds down range.”  Well instructed, great pace, and anyone who has not taken a 360 class in the past will leave better educated as well as a better shooter.

— Rick

“I’ll take more classes and intend on repeating some as my skills develop.”

I’ll take more classes and intend on repeating some as my skills develop. Jeff was very informative, explained all techniques, pointed out my weaknesses and things that I need to work/train on, which is exactly what I wanted from the course.
Love getting the time on the firing line.

— Richard

“Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol”

This was a great class. The first time I took the Fundamentals class, it was with Tim Woods and was amazing. This class was with Alfonso and was just as amazing as the first. He was professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly.

— Brian

“Top Notch Training”

I like the concept of Tactical Thursdays and Alfonso is an excellent instructor.  He is direct and very knowledgeable and explains the “why” we do things.  His communication skills are excellent and he always puts safety first, which is the first priority. I am pumped every time I hear that Alfonso is teaching the class I’m taking.  He’s an excellent instructor and very professional.  Top notch.

— Andy

“Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine”

Great way to learn about your rifle, what works and what doesn’t. The instructors had a good grasp of the each student’s
proficiency and all in all everything went pretty smoothly. Would definitely recommend to those who haven’t taken a course before but are familiar with
their rifle and want to learn move about how to operate it in a safe and effective manner.

— Kevin

“Concealed Carry Tactics”

“Yesterday’s Concealed Carry Tactics class with Tim was really great. Had a wardrobe malfunction, I just drew my gun and a hand full of shirt in the close contact drill. Your instructors have a real gift for making the drills seem like your life depends on what you do and not how perfectly you do it. That is definitely true of Tim.”

— Norm Arnold

“Tim is always excellent”

Tim is always excellent. He explains concepts in clear, easy to understand terms. He answers questions and takes time to help students understand without making them feel uncomfortable. The class was equally excellent, explaining and demonstrating the different rounds and their effective uses and limitations. The pace was perfect, moving quickly but not so fast that you miss points or don’t have a chance to understand a concept.

— Jeff Gowen

“Thank You!”

Thank you. That was an awesome class. Justin is a fantastic instructor!

— Jerry

“Exceptional Experience”


I really enjoyed the June 16th 360 Shotgun I class. As usual the 360 Tactical Training experience is exceptional. It gave me the opportunity to reinforce prior training skills and helped me identify some personal training scars to correct, such as the proper placement of the finger on the trigger and working the trigger reset for better shot placement. I also appreciate the use of the metal action targets and barricade placements, in the final drills, to help simulate a home invasion scenario. I hope that 360 Tactical Training will provide some metal action targets in future classes so we can build on those types of moving and shooting skills, and take the training beyond the two dimensional paper targets to three dimensional self defense solutions.

— David Wendt

“A Safe Place To Shoot”

I had mentioned to Jeff that I had a bad experience once before with one of the staff the first time my wife and I came to shoot, and even had some botched scheduling for this class; but I feel confident that your facility really does care about their clients and I am glad I came back for this class, it was well worth the wait. I really enjoyed learning more about my AR and Jeff made the experience a very positive one for me. I am thrilled that you now offer these classes on Saturday and I looking forward to taking another class soon.

I really like the shooting center; the tactical training you offer and the current staff are all great to work with. Both Lisandro and Jonathan were also very helpful and I appreciated the friendly service I received from them as well.

Thanks for providing a fun and safe place to learn and shoot.

— Steve McDonald