About Us


  • A Houston, Texas based firearms and tactical training company

    360 Tactical Training can meet the needs of the individual or organization. Classes are taught in a professional unintimidating environment at our facility or yours.

360 Tactical Training is a Houston, Texas based firearms and tactical training company devoted to providing the highest level of defensive training to responsible citizens, law enforcement, corporations and private security companies. Our focus is reality-based training which recognizes and works efficiently with the body's natural reactions to the stresses of a fight.

Expert Instructors

Our instructor staff is composed of individuals with the highest levels of training and operational experience in both military and law enforcement. 360 instructors are not only trained in our methods and tactics, but in the teaching and presentation of those as well. Our staff training never ends, 360 instructors regularly seek out continued training from firearms academies around the country. We have been privileged to learn from some of the world's best firearms tactics instructors. We strongly believe in the evolution of training. If the tactics do not work, find a better way; if there is a better way, learn it.